Website Design

Professional website design and development is a very important part of your on line Digital Marketing strategy.When visitors arrive  to your website they maybe looking for a solution to a problem or just looking for information.Your website is the “hub” or nerve centre of all your on line activities.Therefore it is vital that after optimising your website traffic the design and layout must be professional to allow your visitors to navigate easily and to create a favourable first impression.

Before working on a website we like to have a strategic conversation around the following issues:

  • Website goals;This can vary depending on your route to market and where your website sits in the overall marketing plan. However with the relentless migration of commerce to the web suffice to say that websites will continue to play an increasingly important role in achieving objectives.Goals have to be agreed and set to allow for performance measurement on an ongoing basis.
  • Data layout and functional design:We will work with you to ensure that your website works in a way that your customers can find the information they need quickly and easily. Your website has only nanoseconds to catch and maintain the visitor’s interest.This may involve testing different layouts to in real time to see which one gives the best results.
  • Branding:Your website should always complement and reflect the brand and image of your product or service offering.
  • Content:All content for websites needs to be highly focused and targeted.If your visitor is having difficulty in understanding your content then it wont take them long to hit the back button.